Why is selling an uphill battle?

It turns out, strong advantages don’t simply come from better features or even benefits...

Why is selling an uphill battle?

"People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it"

Simon Sinek’s now famous Ted talk is all about starting with why.

In it he explains why some companies have huge success. He challenges our assumptions of what's possible.

Understanding why we do what we do, can help us to stand out. To engage.

Differentiation doesn't simply come from better features or even benefits. To positively shine, your business needs beliefs and passion.

If you’re struggling to grow your sales, why not take a step back to think about what you’re passionate about? Then begin to think about how you can use your passion to your advantage, to build true differentiation.


About the Author: Tony Prouse


Tony Prouse is a well-respected strategic mentor.  From his personal experience and through his work with the Institute for Manufacturing at Cambridge University, Tony has been instrumental in developing strategies for a wide range of businesses.

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