Why is Amazon's Jeff Bezos building a 10,000 year clock?

Amazon's Jeff Bezos is backing the building of a 10,000 year clock. But why?

Why is Amazon's Jeff Bezos building a 10,000 year clock?


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced he's backing the building of a 10,000 year clock, which is now under construction.

But why?

The idea for the clock is the brainchild of The Long Now Foundation which was set up to “provide a counterpoint to today's accelerating culture and help make long-term thinking more common.” 

The 10,000 Year Clock is designed to make us all think about an expanded sense of time and the impact of our actions. It’s about protecting what we have. 

And I believe it’s about thinking strategically too.

Think strategic, be sustainable

Bezos is a visionary and a successful entrepreneur, characteristics that are strongly linked. When Bezos formed Amazon he focused on what book readers wanted, both now and into the future. Convenience, fast delivery and a no quibble return policy – things which we now take for granted, were back then the actions of a company that was thinking long term.

The decisions we make today will affect us not just tomorrow but far ahead in to the future. It’s this notion that is central to ensuring our businesses and ideas are sustainable over the long-term.

By thinking strategically, we can deliver the most sustainable ideas that stand the test of time.

It’s a belief I hold strongly, and it’s central to The Art of Differentiation.

Here’s to a sustainable future!


About the Author: Tony Prouse


Tony Prouse is a well-respected strategic mentor.  From his personal experience and through his work with the Institute for Manufacturing at Cambridge University, Tony has been instrumental in developing strategies for a wide range of businesses.

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